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Tinnitus Treatment Options

Don’t let whirring, clicking, buzzing or ringing keep you awake at night or affect your quality of life during the day. We offer a variety of tinnitus treatment options to calm symptoms and bring relief.

Live Speech Mapping

Instead of using tones, beeps and chirps to adjust your hearing aids, Norriton Hearing Center uses a sound with which you are very familiar – the sound of a family member or friend’s voice. We encourage you to bring along a friend or family member to your appointment so we can use their voice to adjust your hearing aids. Live speech mapping is a proven method of improving patient satisfaction with wearing hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

Sometimes accidents happen. It’s good to know Norriton Hearing Center is here to help. We offer regular deep cleaning of your hearing aids and can perform most common hearing aid repairs while you wait. Because we represent most major brands, we may be able to repair your hearing aids even if you didn’t buy them from us. Many repairs are made while you wait.

Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

Better outcomes begin with better hearing aid dispensing and fitting. Norriton Hearing Center fine tunes your hearing aids to personalize your listening experience. Sound delivered as you want to hear it is the goal of every fitting and Norriton Hearing Center delivers with every appointment.

Evaluation for Hearing Aids

If a diagnostic audiologic evaluation determines you have hearing loss, your safety, mental acuity and quality of life may be improved by wearing hearing aids. Norriton Hearing Center will match your individual needs with the latest technology available to ensure you get the best fit possible.