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Hearing Protection

Norriton Hearing Center offers custom hearing protection devices as well as hearing aids. We take the same care in selecting and fitting hearing protection products as we do assistive hearing devices.

Noise exposure is the most common cause of sensorineural hearing loss. Whether it happens on the job or during leisure activities, sudden or prolonged noise exposure permanently damages the hair cells of the cochlea. Once damaged, they cannot be repaired.

Protect your hearing with earmolds, earplugs and specialized hearing protection for musicians from Norriton Hearing Center.

Custom earmolds

Like earmolds for hearing aids, earmolds for hearing protection are made from a custom mold of your ear. This process only takes a few minutes and results in a product that perfectly fits your ears’ contours and protects better than off-the-shelf solutions. Because they fit comfortably, they can be worn for hours at a time. This makes them a perfect solution for wear on the job.

The earmold material may be solid, soft or spongy. The earmold may be full shell or half shell. Full shell earmolds are most often worn in environments where the exposure to noise is very high. The half-shell alternative is worn to protect from mid-level noise exposure.

Earmolds may include a filtered attenuator which allows some sound to come through while blocking damaging decibels. These are popular with musicians and shooting enthusiasts. 

Hunters wear digital earmolds that amplify background noise. They allow them to hear game while suppressing the noise from firearms discharge.

The audiologist will discuss your hearing protection needs and recommend the right product for you.

Custom earplugs

Like custom earmolds, custom earplugs are made from a mold of your ears. These molds capture the contours of your ear canal to create earplugs that block noise, wind and water.

Custom earplugs are perfect for shift workers or frequent travelers that need to create a quiet environment for sleeping.

In addition, custom earplugs are favored by water sports enthusiasts to protect from water entering the ears. Less water in the ear means fewer ear infections.

Custom earplugs may be designed to lower the decibels to a safe level without blocking sound altogether. These are especially well-suited for airline personnel, musicians, medical professionals and those who work in nightclubs or bars. These earplugs protect hearing while still allowing conversation.

Musicians’ earplugs and monitors

Musicians need special hearing protection. The sound of voices and instruments can damage hearing, but traditional hearing protection prevents the musician from hearing clearly.

Special musicians’ earplugs reduce the decibel level but do not distort the sound. Tones are true, but the amplification is reduced.

In-ear monitors let musicians hear the music without damaging amplification while still experiencing sound as the audience hears it.

See for yourself why musicians in the Norristown, King of Prussia and Plymouth Meeting trust the professionals at Norriton Hearing Center for their hearing protection needs.