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Gift of Hearing

There’s no better time to give your loved one the gift of hearing.

As we reflect on the many blessings we’ve experienced this year, we recognize not everyone has been so fortunate. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Gift of Hearing campaign to gift a member of our local community a pair of premium hearing aids. Together with ReSound and hearing care professionals across the country, we are aiming to provide $1 million in hearing aids and care to those whose lives can be improved with better hearing.

“The gift of better hearing can be life changing,” said JORGE S. ZAVALA, AU.D.

Know someone in need? Make 2022 the year your loved one celebrates better hearing by nominating him or her to receive a pair of ReSound ONETM hearing aids. The hearing aids are the highest quality, rechargeable and completely free.

Please submit your nomination by phone at (610) 277-3336 or submit the form below